ANNEXAIR: Custom Energy Efficient Systems Energy Recovery Units, Make up Air Units, & Air Handling Units

APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL AIR: by First Co. Fan Coil Units and Water Source Heat Pumps

AUTOMATIC AIRFLOW BALANCING: Constant Airflow Regulators

CAMUS: Gas fired high efficiency copper tube and stainless steel boilers and water heaters


CLIMATE WIZARD: Indirect Evaporative Air Conditioning products

COMPU-AIRE: Specialty Air Conditioners for Critical Electronic system facilities.

CRITICAL ROOM CONTROL: Critical Environment Airflow Monitoring and Control Systems: medical, laboratory, and science

DECTRON: Indoor Pool Dehumidification Units and Grow Facilities


DUNHAM-BUSH: Rooftop Units, Air Handling Units, Water-cooled & Air-cooled Chillers, Thermal Storage

DURAVENT: Venting Products and Grease Duct

INTELLIHOT: “Next-Gen” On Demand, Tankless Water Heaters

LENNOX COMMERCIAL: Rooftop Units, Split Systems, Mini Split Systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), & Heaters


Metalaire: Grilles, Registers, Diffusers, and VAV boxes

Mitsubishi VFDs: Variable Frequency Drives

NCA: Louvers and Dampers

Pentair Fairbanks Pumps: Commercial HVAC and Industrial Pumps


Safe-Air Dowco: Louvers and Dampers

Smardt: Oil-free centrifugal Chillers with Turbocor compressors

SoftDucts: Fabric Duct Systems

Twin City Fans: Supply, Exhaust and Speciality Fans


Wessels: Hydronic, HVAC Specialty Equipment

DuroDyne: Cable Operated Dampers

Hays: Automatic Flow Control Valves and Hose Kits

MicroMetl: HVAC accessories and equipment